Artist’s Statement 2016

Carol is an Oil painter and Printmaker whose main inspiration is the face and figure and the emotion they can convey.  She is interested in capturing both reflective moments and dynamic actions, particularly the movements of dance.  Her paintings and prints always derive from exploratory drawings, done directly from life or from photographic studies.


After a career teaching English in Secondary schools and 6th Form and Tertiary colleges, Carol retired early to focus on Art. Ten years of classes in Life Drawing and Acrylic and Oil painting at the Insight School of Art in North London, culminated in a year’s full time intensive course in 2011. Since then she has undertaken oil painting (particularly portrait) commissions and exhibited regularly with 17 @ Insight and then the North London Artists’ Network. She began Printmaking at Artshed, Ware, Herts. in January 2015 and this quickly became a major focus. She exhibited in Printmaking Unwrapped at the Avondale gallery in December 2015 and will exhibit at the Cambridge Original Printmakers Biennale, 22-28th September 2016.


Carol’s Oil portraits try to communicate both the social presence and the inner life of the person, but often veer more towards the latter.   She uses setting or personal textiles to help convey mood and personality, sometimes metaphorically. Self portraits may even employ multiple images of the face, of differing scales and degrees of ‘realism’ to probe further.

She explores the face’s ability to express forceful  emotions of anger, defiance, anguish and jubilation in the Emotion in Stone series 2014, which derive from eroded medieval statues found lying in a Benedictine abbey. Here a limited palette and loose brushwork convey heightened feeling, as well as suggesting the harsh context of eroding stone.

Paintings of social scenes, in contrast, focus on people’s private  reactions to each other, as expressed through slight shifts of gesture and facial expression.  Sometimes disparate visual images are fused in a composition when a person’s imaginary response is as important as the external scene they inhabit, as in Walking through Frescoes in Perugia’2015. The main focus remains though on depicting face and figure


The subject matter for many of Carol’s prints derives from years of life-drawing and a long term interest in dance. She depicts figures in lively motion or held moments of poise, sometimes dwelling on the tension between the two.   In contrast, recent work also responds to the Syrian refugee crisis, trying to depict the emotional impact of migration.

Carol uses several printmaking techniques (lino cutting, collagraph, drypoint, monoprinting, silk screen and polymer plate) which enable different kinds of mark-making, from the loose painterly effects possible with monoprinting to finely drawn lines of drypoint. She enjoys combining 2 or more techniques to explore ways of layering images and likes to experiment with different kinds of inking and wiping of plates. She moves between naturalistic and more abstract forms, though based loosely on the human figure, and enjoys juxtaposing images of different scales.

Carol sees printmaking as an on-going process of learning and experimentation.


17@Insight 2011

17@Art Van Go 2012;  17@Tudor House 2012;  Insight 2012.(Highly Commended)

Artsdepot 2012 & 2013

Stephens House 2014;  Tap Room 2014;;  Insight Portrait Exhibition 2014;                                                  

NLAN Exhibition Camden Image Gallery 2014

NLAN Exhibition Strand Gallery, WC2 2015; Printmaking Unwrapped, Avondale Gallery, 2015

Cambridge Original Printmakers Biennale 2016, 22nd-28th September.